Our Long Term Goal
To establish market leadership working closely with major financial institutions to help direct the rapid technology evolution of this massive market. As a result, the investor base/liquidity for private label securitizations will continue to expand and market participants will become more profitable. Additionally, millions of currently disenfranchised borrowers will be able to access expanded home loan availability with more flexible lending criteria at more affordable prices.
Investment Banks

Provide a complementary tool to increase profitability of existing securitization transactions by expanding the investor base.

Enable the opportunity to act as a riskless principal intermediary (i.e. “best efforts”) in securitization transactions.


Securitization strategies to increase income and risk-adjusted ROE that qualify for cashflow hedge accounting.

Create basis risk free prepayment hedges without the need to forecast prepayments.

Balance sheet optimization under BASEL 3.

Insurance Companies

Achieves favorable Replicated Synthetic Asset Transaction (RSAT) treatment to increase interest income, while lowering risk.

Strategies to monetize Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) membership through leveraged investments in uncapped floating rate securities, not available in today’s market.

Mortgage Investors

Create custom structures with any level of:

1)Credit risk

2)Interest rate risk

3)Prepayment risk


Other Mortgage Bond Investors

Create mortgage backed instruments with any maturity from 30 days to 30 years and customized levels of:

Credit risk

Interest rate risk

Prepayment risk